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21 Best NFT APIs, Developer Tools, and Resources

21 Best NFT APIs, Developer Tools, and Resources
Skyrocket your Web3 development with the 18 best NFT tools and APIs every project developer should know.

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NFT APIs for Web3 Developers

As the non-fungible token (NFT) market continues to grow, developers are constantly on the lookout for the best NFT APIs to streamline their work and enhance user experiences. In this article, we've curated a comprehensive list of 18 top-notch NFT tools and APIs that will undoubtedly benefit Web3 developers. From NFT creation to marketplace integration, these ultimate NFT API platforms encompass a wide range of functionalities to ensure your project's success.

The Growing Demand for NFT APIs

As the NFT ecosystem continues to expand, Web3 developers are constantly seeking innovative tools and APIs that cater to their specific needs. With the increasing complexity of NFT projects and the demand for seamless user experiences, APIs play a crucial role in simplifying the development process and optimizing project outcomes.

Understanding NFT APIs and Their Role in Web3 Development

NFT APIs are essential tools that provide Web3 developers with a convenient way to interact with blockchain networks, create and manage NFTs, and integrate with marketplaces. These APIs offer developers easy access to a wide range of functionalities, such as querying NFT metadata, minting tokens, and tracking ownership. By utilizing the power of NFT APIs, developers can create more efficient, scalable, and user-friendly applications within the rapidly evolving NFT market.

Key Considerations for Selecting the Right NFT APIs

Before diving into our curated list of 18 top-notch NFT tools and APIs, it's essential to understand the factors that influence their effectiveness for your specific project. Here are some key aspects to consider when selecting NFT APIs:

Compatibility and Integration

Ensure that the NFT APIs you choose are compatible with your chosen blockchain network and can be easily integrated into your project's architecture.

Reliability and Performance

Opt for APIs that offer reliable performance and can handle high levels of traffic without compromising on functionality.

Documentation and Support

Comprehensive documentation and responsive customer support are crucial for a seamless development experience. Choose APIs that provide detailed documentation and timely assistance when needed.

18 Top-Notch NFT APIs and Web3 Developer Tools

Web3-CLI: Your Command-Line Interface for Blockchain Interactions

Web3-CLI is an innovative and user-friendly command-line interface designed to streamline your interactions with Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains. By bypassing slow and potentially compromised frontends, Web3-CLI allows you to manage your blockchain activities directly from your terminal, with no configuration needed.

Key Features of Web3-CLI:

  • Effortless Interactions: Interact with Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains via your terminal, ensuring quick and secure access to your blockchain activities.
  • Address, Token, and Contract Labeling: Easily label addresses, tokens, and contracts for better organization and ease of use.
  • Seamless Token Swaps: Swap tokens on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, TraderJoe, and PancakeSwap with just a few commands.
  • Token Transfers: Transfer tokens effortlessly using their tickers, simplifying your transactions.
  • Command Concatenation: Build powerful scripts by concatenating commands, allowing for more complex and customized blockchain interactions.
  • Multiple Signers Support: Manage as many signers as you wish for a more flexible and adaptable experience.
  • Tested and Reliable: Web3-CLI is thoroughly tested using the Ape Framework's testing framework, ensuring a reliable and secure user experience.
  • Windows Compatibility: Enjoy seamless operation on Windows platforms for greater accessibility.

Upcoming Enhancements

Web3-CLI is continually evolving, with exciting new features on the horizon:

  • Scheduled Buys and Sells: Set up dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategies for more effective trading.
  • Automatic Trading: Execute trades when slippage is low enough, optimizing your transactions.
  • Telegram Notifications: Receive alerts on Telegram when a trading pair is liquid enough or unbalanced, enabling timely actions.
  • On-Chain Data Analysis: Analyze on-chain data for tax or sleuthing purposes, ensuring compliance and transparency.
  • DeFi Yield Management: Claim and reinvest yields from DeFi protocols for efficient yield farming.

In conclusion, Web3-CLI is a powerful and versatile tool for managing your blockchain activities with ease, speed, and security. With its array of features and continuous development, Web3-CLI is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their Web3 experience.

Helius: The Ultimate Toolkit for Building on Solana

Helius is an all-encompassing solution designed for developers, businesses, and enthusiasts looking to leverage the power of the Solana blockchain. Offering a diverse range of tools and services, Helius simplifies the process of creating high-performance applications on the Solana network. Some of the key offerings include:

  • Top-notch RPCs: Helius provides the most reliable RPCs on Solana, powered by state-of-the-art hardware, ensuring optimal app performance at competitive prices.
  • Advanced Solana APIs: With Helius' enhanced Solana APIs, including NFT APIs and transaction parsing, users can effortlessly interpret and utilize Solana data.
  • Configurable Webhooks: Helius offers fast, highly configurable webhooks that enable seamless real-time interactions with the Solana blockchain, supporting over 70 transaction types.
  • Geyser-as-a-Service and Serverless Geyser: Access on-demand indexing, low-latency, and fault-tolerant Geyser solutions for efficient and seamless development.
  • Scalable Archival Data Stores: Helius provides extensive Solana archival data lakes, ensuring comprehensive data storage and retrieval.

Experience Unrivaled Performance with Helius RPCs

Developers can rely on Helius' advanced hardware-powered RPCs to deliver exceptional performance and maintain competitive pricing. Helius prides itself on offering the best reliability and developer support, allowing users to focus on building top-quality applications.

Effortlessly Manage On-Chain Events with Helius Webhooks

Helius' low-latency webhooks simplify the process of automating interactions with the Solana blockchain. Users can subscribe to various transaction types or account changes and input up to 100,000 addresses into a single webhook for ultimate convenience.

Unlock the Potential of Enhanced Solana APIs

The Helius APIs offer enriched context for Solana data, making it easy to understand and use. By transforming obscure hashes into detailed transaction information, Helius APIs enable users to make sense of NFT listings, DEX swaps, DeFi loans, and DAO votes.To learn more about how Helius can help you build exceptional applications on Solana, join their Discord community and explore the wide range of tools and services available.

Portals.fi: Revolutionizing DeFi with Simplified Transaction Bundling

Portals.fi is a groundbreaking DeFi aggregator that combines the power of decentralized exchanges and protocols, enabling users to create, bundle, and execute complex DeFi actions in a single, seamless transaction. By offering a unified endpoint, Portals makes it easier than ever to compose and interact with DeFi opportunities, whether you're adding liquidity to Curve pools, managing collateral on Aave, or swapping tokens on popular platforms.

To further enhance the Portals experience, the platform provides a comprehensive API, giving builders access to contextual information about supported opportunities, including pricing, liquidity, account balances, and more.

Noteworthy Integrations

Portals.fi has already been integrated into several platforms, including:

  • Portals Webapp
  • Yearn Finance
  • XDEFI Webapp

Discover the Portals API Structure

Dive into the world of Portals by exploring the API's structure and categorization, which covers:

  • Native and Basic Tokens: The foundation of any opportunity on Portals.
  • LP Tokens: Composed of Basic, Native, or other LP tokens.
  • Platforms: The highest organizational component of the Portals API.
  • Accounts: Tracking the balances of both EOA and smart contract wallets.
  • Portals: Facilitating transaction bundling and any-to-any swaps.

Guides for a Seamless Integration

Learn how to leverage the API's features, endpoints, and use cases by:

  • Retrieving tokens to display or parse through a list of opportunities.
  • Checking balances of native, basic, and LP tokens for an account.
  • Approving tokens for use in Portal transactions.
  • Utilizing Portals to compose and bundle transactions atomically.

Additional Portals.Fi Resources and Tools

To further support integration with the Portals API, make use of these valuable resources:

  • API Reference: A complete list of all endpoints and their request/response objects.
  • Swagger UI: Test API requests in your browser.
  • Boilerplate repo: Quickly build dApps on top of the Portals API.

With Portals.fi, developers can easily tap into the vast potential of the DeFi ecosystem, creating seamless and powerful experiences for users. Explore the Portals API today and revolutionize your DeFi development journey. The Portals REST API adheres to the OpenAPI 3.0 standard, using query parameters for its arguments. The OpenAPI schema is available at https://api.portals.fi/docs-json.


Foundry is a robust smart contract development toolchain tailored for Web3 developers, businesses, and enthusiasts. With its suite of features and APIs, Foundry enables users to create efficient, secure, and seamless smart contract experiences.

Forge API:

Simplifies smart contract development, testing, and deployment, serving as a comprehensive solution for managing your projects.

Cast API:

Facilitates interactions with smart contracts, transaction management, and access to on-chain data through the command-line and Solidity scripts.

Anvil API:

Offers a local node for smooth development and integration, ensuring seamless interaction with your smart contracts.

Chisel API:

Provides an integrated Solidity REPL for effective debugging and real-time interaction with your smart contracts.

Foundry also features extensive configuration options, including integration with popular tools like Hardhat and VSCode, and tutorials for building smart contracts in various use cases, such as NFT creation and mainnet forking.

In summary, Foundry is an invaluable asset for those looking to create exceptional Web3 experiences, leveraging its comprehensive toolset for smart contract development and deployment.

Alchemy NFT API

Alchemy NFT API is a comprehensive tool designed to help NFT founders build, monitor, and grow their projects in the web3 space. Built on ethers.js, it offers access to all of Alchemy's Enhanced APIs, allowing for seamless integration with popular Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

  • Effortlessly track all NFT on-chain activity and receive notifications for any ownership changes, enabling the creation of unique communities and rewards for token holders.
  • Access valuable data for informed trading decisions, including tools to calculate trait prevalence, collection value, and on-chain sales records.
  • Quickly retrieve NFTs and associated metadata up to 17x faster than other tools, thanks to Alchemy's proprietary NFT asset ingestion service.

With Alchemy NFT API, founders can easily create and deploy NFTs with minimal blockchain experience, filter spam or airdropped NFTs, and leverage the NFT API Comparison Tool to evaluate the performance of other available NFT APIs. Alchemy combines powerful web3 developer products and tools with an extensive range of resources, a supportive community, and legendary customer support to ensure a smooth experience for NFT founders.


Mnemonic is a comprehensive NFT data and analytics tool designed for builders, brands, and businesses in the Web3 space. With a variety of APIs and solutions, Mnemonic empowers users to create intelligent, secure, and personalized NFT experiences.

Foundational NFT Data API:

Offers instant access to every NFT data point imaginable, serving as a complete set of NFT data building blocks.

Collection Analytics API:

Provides deep, granular data on collection performance and chart trends with a single API call.

Wallet Intelligence API:

Helps users build personalized NFT wallets or portfolio experiences with enhanced security and intelligence.

Audience Insights API (Beta):

Offers wallet holding insights, segmentation capabilities, financial profiles, and more to help users understand, engage, and grow their Web3 audience.

Marketplace API (Beta):

Allows users to access listings, offers, bids, and floor prices across various marketplaces instantly.

In conclusion, Mnemonic is a powerful tool for NFT founders seeking to build exceptional Web3 experiences, harnessing the power of data, analytics, and insights in the NFT space.


Chainstack's NFT API

Chainstack's NFT API simplifies the process of fetching, searching, minting, and managing NFTs for founders. It allows you to build and scale your NFT apps without worrying about gas fees, Web3 development, and maintenance of blockchain infrastructure.

Analyze NFT data:

Effortlessly fetch and analyze your NFTs with metadata, collection data, transaction history, floor prices, and more in one interface.

Advanced search tools:

Utilize advanced search tools to find any collection or NFT by name or description text, with sorting and filtering options.

Dynamic NFTs Deployment:

Experience versatile opportunities with API features such as minting NFTs to specified addresses, managing and transferring assets, and deploying NFT smart contracts.

In conclusion, Chainstack's NFT API provides a powerful and convenient toolset for NFT founders, taking care of complex Web3 programming and infrastructure challenges, allowing you to focus on expanding your user base and growing your NFT project.

Hokusai App

Hokusai App is a powerful and user-friendly NFT minting platform that allows creators and NFT founders to easily mint, manage, and sell their unique digital assets. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, Hokusai streamlines the process of creating and launching NFT projects for everyone from artists to entrepreneurs.

Effortless NFT Minting:

Hokusai provides a seamless minting process, enabling users to create NFTs with just a few clicks. Users can upload their digital assets, set metadata, and mint their NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Customizable Smart Contracts:

Hokusai offers a variety of customizable smart contract templates for NFT projects, ensuring that creators have full control over their assets and can easily tailor their contracts to suit their specific needs.

Integrated Marketplace:

In conclusion, Hokusai App is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to simplify the minting process and effectively manage their digital assets, making it a must-have addition to our developer tools list.

QuickNode NFT API

QuickNode NFT API is an essential tool for NFT founders, providing cross-chain NFT data via RPC. With support for multiple blockchain networks, it simplifies the process of accessing and managing NFT data.

Multi-Chain Support

Access NFT data across various blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

Advanced Querying

Utilize the powerful Icy GraphQL NFT API for advanced NFT data queries.

Comprehensive Tool Suite

Integrate seamlessly with QuickNode's suite of APIs, including Core API, Token API, and QuickAlerts for real-time blockchain alerts.

In conclusion, QuickNode NFT API is an invaluable resource for NFT founders looking to streamline their data management and integration processes across multiple blockchain networks.

OpenSea Stream API

Introducing the OpenSea Stream API, a beta version of a websocket-based service designed to help developers receive real-time events from the OpenSea marketplace. This new API addresses the limitations of relying solely on REST APIs for staying updated on the growing number of items and collections in the NFT ecosystem.

  • Supports dynamic data use cases, such as price fluctuations, listings, bids, and ownership changes.
  • Provides real-time updates by allowing developers to subscribe to events instead of polling for updates.
  • Includes a JavaScript SDK for easy management of connections and subscribers to the Stream API and its various events.

The OpenSea Stream API enables the creation of innovative features and tools, making it an essential addition to the Top 10 NFT Tools for Founders. Try it out and explore its potential for your NFT projects!


Venly NFT API is a powerful and versatile tool that allows NFT founders to seamlessly integrate with various blockchain networks and manage their NFT projects. This comprehensive API solution provides an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of functionalities, making it an essential tool for NFT founders looking to simplify their workflow and enhance their project's capabilities.

Support for multiple blockchain networks:

Venly NFT API supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Flow, allowing NFT founders to work with multiple networks without any compatibility issues.

Comprehensive NFT management:

The API provides a wide range of features, including minting, transferring, and burning NFTs, as well as querying NFT metadata, ownership, and transaction history.

Robust security and scalability:

Venly NFT API is built with security and scalability in mind, ensuring that NFT founders can trust the platform with their valuable assets and grow their projects without limitations.

In conclusion, Venly NFT API is an indispensable tool for NFT founders looking to streamline their operations and access a wide range of features to manage their NFT projects with ease and efficiency.

Rarible Protocol

Rarible Protocol is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for NFT founders looking to create, manage, and sell their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on multiple blockchains. With its Multichain SDK, users can quickly start minting ERC-721 NFTs and list them on the Ethereum network.

Quick Start Guide:

Rarible Protocol offers a comprehensive guide to help users set up and start using the Multichain SDK with ease.

Mint and Sell:

The platform provides a convenient mintAndSell function that allows users to create and list their NFTs for sale simultaneously.

Flexible Integration:

Rarible Protocol supports various JS frameworks and can be integrated with both Web3 and Ethers, making it adaptable for different projects and user preferences.

In conclusion, Rarible Protocol is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to streamline their NFT creation and sales process, offering a user-friendly interface and compatibility with multiple blockchain networks.

Coinbase NFT API

The Coinbase NFT API is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for NFT founders and developers looking to integrate NFTs into their projects. This robust API allows seamless access to the rapidly growing world of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum and other supported blockchains.

  • Effortlessly create, mint, and manage NFTs with a simple set of API calls, reducing the complexity of blockchain development.
  • Access a vast ecosystem of NFT marketplaces, platforms, and dApps through the integration of the Coinbase NFT API, expanding your project's reach and potential audience.
  • Benefit from Coinbase's security and infrastructure, ensuring the safety and reliability of your NFT project's transactions and data.

Incorporating the Coinbase NFT API into your project enables you to focus on building unique and engaging experiences for your users, while leveraging the power and security of Coinbase's industry-leading platform.


Center.dev is a powerful and comprehensive NFT tool that provides a full suite of APIs to cater to all your NFT needs. With the highest coverage and 99.999% uptime, Center.dev is trusted by some of the best names in crypto, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

  • Access to over 515 million NFTs with multi-chain support, including Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, BSC, Solana, Optimism, Harmony, Arbitrum, and Celo.
  • Powerful APIs for NFT rendering, metadata, market data, ownership and transfer data, NFT search, and streaming notifications.
  • Open-source client libraries, experienced team, and long-term commitment to NFT infrastructure.

Center.dev is an essential tool for NFT founders, providing reliable and comprehensive data to power your NFT projects.

BlockSpan NFT API

BlockSpan is a cutting-edge NFT API platform designed for software companies developing on the blockchain. By aggregating data from multiple chains, BlockSpan provides an API layer that enables NFT developers to access token prices, current ownership, and metadata, including cached images, in real-time.

  • Supports multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, with more to be added soon.
  • Provides comprehensive NFT metadata, activity, and ownership information through a REST-based API.
  • Offers fuzzy matching search capabilities on token metadata to facilitate the discovery of competitive NFT landscapes.

With BlockSpan's NFT API, developers can simplify the process of building multi-chain apps and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving NFT market.


NFTPort is a one-stop, simple, and developer-friendly NFT infrastructure and API platform that enables developers to bring their NFT applications to market in hours instead of months. With NFTPort, developers can access a wide range of tools and resources to help them create and manage NFTs efficiently.

Mint from API:

Mint NFTs with a single API call, from any image or asset.

NFT API reference:

Explore all API endpoints, test the API from your browser, and understand request and response parameters.

NFT Data Quickstart:

Fetch the NFTs in a wallet or within a contract, get NFT metadata, images, transactions, and more.

In conclusion, NFTPort is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to streamline their development process and bring their NFT applications to life quickly and efficiently.

Moralis NFT API

Moralis NFT API is a powerful cross-chain data API tool that helps NFT founders access essential information on NFTs, tokens, balances, DeFi, and more. Recently backed by a $40M Series A investment from Coinbase, EQT Ventures, Fabric Ventures, and Dispersion Capital, Moralis offers a comprehensive suite of features for NFT developers and enthusiasts.

Organized Blockchain Data:

Access cross-chain data APIs for NFT transfers, prices, metadata, token data, and user wallet balances.

Real-Time On-Chain Notifications:

Set custom filters and stream live on-chain data to your backend, supporting Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Fantom, Cronos, and all testnets.

Web3 Authentication:

Easily add Web3 authentication to any app, allowing users to sign in with their favorite EVM or Solana wallet.

In conclusion, Moralis NFT API is an essential tool for NFT founders, offering a wide range of features to simplify and streamline the development and management of NFT projects.

NFT API by Ankr

NFT API is a powerful collection of advanced methods designed for Premium Plan users, offering extensive capabilities for requesting NFT-related data across multiple EVM-compatible chains. This unique feature is perfect for Web3 projects integrating NFTs, such as virtual worlds, decentralized games, galleries, and marketplaces, allowing them to fetch all necessary information in a single request.

NFT Data Retrieval

Access NFT data for owners, listings, collections, minting time, transaction history, and more.

Multichain Support

Empower your Web3 projects with instant information retrieval across multiple blockchains.

Easy Integration

Utilize JSON-RPC 2.0 specification for seamless interaction and integration.

NFT API by Ankr is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to streamline their data retrieval processes and enhance their projects' capabilities.

RoverX NFT Tool

RoverX is a powerful NFT tool designed to help founders streamline their NFT project management and growth. The platform offers a variety of features that cater to the unique needs of NFT founders, making it an essential addition to the top 10 tools for NFT founders.

Automated Smart Contracts:

RoverX simplifies the process of creating and deploying smart contracts, allowing founders to save time and focus on other aspects of their project.

NFT Project Management:

With a user-friendly dashboard, RoverX enables founders to manage their NFT projects with ease, offering insights into sales, minting, and other crucial data points.

NFT Community Growth:

RoverX assists in building and growing an engaged community around your NFT project, offering tools to help manage social media, Discord, and other channels.

In conclusion, RoverX is an invaluable tool for NFT founders looking to streamline their project management, automate smart contract creation, and foster a thriving community around their NFTs.


NFTscan is an invaluable tool for NFT founders, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for exploring and analyzing the NFT market. With its extensive data and insights, users can make informed decisions when navigating the world of NFTs and optimize their strategies for success.

NFT Market Overview:

NFTscan offers a detailed market overview, including top collections, trending assets, and sales history, allowing users to stay updated on the latest trends and opportunities in the NFT space.

Token Analytics

With in-depth token analytics, users can track the performance of their NFTs, monitor historical data, and evaluate the potential value of their assets.

Customized Alerts

NFTscan enables users to set up customized alerts for their favorite NFT collections, ensuring they never miss out on important updates and market changes.

In conclusion, NFTscan is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving NFT market, offering a wealth of data and insights to help drive informed decision-making.


SimpleHash is a powerful NFT data provider that offers instant access to NFT data on 20 different chains. It is designed to help developers and businesses deliver exceptional NFT experiences by providing reliable and well-documented REST API endpoints. With features like floor prices, spam filtering, and sales volumes, SimpleHash is the go-to solution for NFT data needs.

Enterprise SLAs:

SimpleHash offers service level agreements for businesses requiring guaranteed performance and reliability.

Multi-chain native

Access NFT data from all leading NFT chains and their testnets, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

NFT sales & floor prices

Get up-to-date information on NFT sales and floor prices, enabling better decision-making for NFT founders.

In conclusion, SimpleHash is an essential tool for NFT founders looking to access reliable and comprehensive NFT data across multiple blockchains. With its robust API and extensive feature set, it's no wonder that industry leaders trust SimpleHash to stay at the forefront of NFT standards and use cases.

Supercharge Web3 Development with Our Top Picks

In conclusion, our curated list of the 18 best NFT tools and APIs for Web3 developers is designed to make your development journey easier, efficient, and more effective. Whether you're an experienced developer or a newcomer to the NFT space, our selection of NFT APIs will provide you with the resources you need to create, analyze, and manage NFTs across multiple platforms. Don't miss out on these powerful tools - dive in and elevate your NFT projects today.


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