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The Ultimate Guide to NFT Growth Marketing: Part 1

The Ultimate Guide to NFT Growth Marketing: Part 1
Twitter growth for your NFT project made easy: Learn the basics of Twitter marketing and Networking.

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NFT Marketing: Focus on Twitter Engagement

Spend any time in Web3 or the startup world and you’ll quickly realize that Twitter is an essential space for marketing, networking, and learning. Over at TokenTag, we’ve spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of Twitter, and have personally seen how it can be a catalyst for genuine growth & connections. This series will teach you our tips on Twitter, from the basics, to advanced content writing skills.

Many articles on growing your Twitter focus on growing your reach & engagement, however, before you can achieve high-level growth, you need to form a strong base of followers who will consistently support your content. Ideally, your network will be larger than 100 followers, but if you grow to 100, you can at least have a few followers who are online when you Tweet & will engage & share your content, so that’s why it’s a good number to shoot for when trying to build your Twitter community.

Web3 Twitter Growth Strategies

The first thing we want to emphasize is that engagement is a two way street. How can you expect people to support you on Twitter if you have no reputation/content and are not offering them anything back?

So, in the early days of your Twitter account, be sure to invest a large amount of time into writing thoughtful comments under others’ Tweets. In addition to gaining appreciation (& hopefully the follow back!) from these accounts, an added benefit is that your reply tweets will probably gain more visibility than your normal Tweets, since they can be discovered by those who are reading the conversations under the larger account’s Tweet.

Another type of engagement is personalized messages. Most individuals with smaller or mid sized accounts are in the same boat as you — looking to have good conversations & learn from others who share similar interests with them. If you take the time to look through others’ accounts (maybe even give their Tweets a few likes & replies) and then send a message sharing what you like about their account and what you have in common with them, they will hopefully be more willing to connect with you — not just as a follower, but a new genuine connection that can help bring depth to your Twitter experience.

Ultimately, these engagement methods won’t guarantee you followers unless you’re also putting out high quality content yourself. Our section on threads & Tweet writing can help you understand exactly what good Twitter content looks like. In the beginning of your Twitter journey, you want to make sure each Tweet on your feed will help viewers of your profile understand what value your account is bringing to them if they will follow you. Put out lots of informational threads and always ask your readers to share their thoughts on your Tweet (for example, if you are tweeting about productivity tools, ask “what is your favorite productivity tool?”). Adding a call to action similar to this one is simple, but adds both engagement and value to the conversation.

Good luck getting started on your Twitter journey. Gaining your first 100 followers is one of the more intensive challenges within growing on Twitter, so being able to execute outreach & content writing at this early stage will set you up for success throughout your Twitter career.


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