Elevate Web3 Standards: Community-Driven Identity Management & NFT Education

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Obsidian NFT Collection

Welcome to the Obsidian NFT Collection, the #1 community in crypto for investors, developers, and founders. Initially established as a small group of individuals passionate about building innovative projects, Obsidian has grown into one of the largest and most trusted communities in the crypto space. Obsidian offers a range of products and services designed to help crypto companies establish trust, integrity, and security within their communities.

Verified by Obsidian

Verified by Obsidian is an Identity Management (KYC) product aimed at lending trust and credibility to good projects and teams. By helping them stand out and succeed in a market increasingly plagued by scammers and rug pulls, Verified by Obsidian enables anonymous crypto teams to build trust with their communities without making their identities public.

Enterprise by Obsidian

Enterprise by Obsidian is the latest Identity Management (KYC) product offered by the company. This security toolset allows projects to upgrade their existing platforms or offerings' security and transparency structures, ensuring a safer and more reliable experience for their users.

Web3 Talent by Obsidian

Web3 Talent by Obsidian is an exclusive network of the world's top blockchain Web3 talent. Web3 companies can hire Obsidian's talent to complete projects where trust, credibility, and experience are critical, ensuring the highest quality results for their endeavors.

Obsidian is dedicated to making thieves and malicious actors think twice before stealing funds. Through fraud prevention education, monitoring with proprietary software, and blockchain forensics, Obsidian aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all crypto enthusiasts.

Obsidian's "community as a service" approach provides resources like Verified by Obsidian to help projects build trust and legitimacy. By working alongside their favorite projects, Obsidian strives to contribute to their success and foster a thriving crypto ecosystem.

Verified by Glacier

Verified by Glacier is a fully automated, self-sufficient liquid staking protocol. Glacier offers a pooled staking solution that gives users exposure to the rewards of staking various cryptocurrencies while minimizing risks and maximizing convenience.

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