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NFT Project Growth Tactics: Welcoming New Community Members

NFT Project Growth Tactics: Welcoming New Community Members
Learn the essential strategies for welcoming new community members to your NFT project in our latest article.

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Community management is difficult.

We all know that having a strong, growing community is the most important factor behind collection success. You know you need to be innovative to keep your community engaged and active, but it’s so hard to do when the entire NFT ecosystem still relies on the same old, boring strategies.

As a community manager, you need to deliver value to your members that they can’t get elsewhere. In other words, you need to get in the weeds with personal, thoughtful, and exciting interactions and engagement techniques.

This article aims to help you and your team improve how you strengthen and grow your community at the individual level. Below you can find one simple and easy tactic to gain and retain a new potential member.

What’s the point?

Say you just joined an up-and-coming collection’s Discord channel because you noticed a really interesting roadmap scrolling through your Twitter feed. There are a ton of questions to ask:

  • What do I do next?
  • How do I get involved?
  • How do I make friends?
  • Am I welcome here?

We’ve become so accustomed to this organic growth as an ecosystem that we take for granted how precious this opportunity actually is. It’s completely counterintuitive to leave all the heavy lifting to a new member. By far the hardest part of growing a collection is getting someone to make that first step and join the discord, why would you waste all that effort by creating friction during onboarding?

Keep the welcome bot and #faq channel, but understand that when every collection has the same onboarding special, it’s not special or effective anymore.

You want to give them a reason to stay, but more importantly, you want to create a feeling of comfort and being at home from the first point of contact. That’s the differentiator that will make your collection successful

Here’s How: A Step-by-Step Breakdown.

Step 1) Start by assigning admins, managers, or more well-known members of the community to communicate with members that have recently joined.

This can be accomplished by having the on-duty admin(s) watch over the welcome/intros channel or whatever you use to announce newly joined people. Another way is to ask current members to volunteer for a pen-pal / mentor relationship with new members. White-list these individuals so they are able to message in the specific channel where new members are announced.

You should also think about creating smaller groups of members that are separate from the main collection Discord channel. Use this to form bonds between newer members, veterans, and admins, as well as a place where new members can ask questions about the community without any pressure or feeling of ridicule.**

Step 2) Click on the joiner’s profile. Look for two things; mutual friends/servers and a profile picture.

Have whoever is participating use their judgment to determine whether the profile is worth interacting with in case the new member is a bot. Doing this avoids wasting time, and also keeps it authentic by limiting the use of the tactic.

Step 3) In the channel you use to announce new members, have the assigned person send a message like this:

Don't pick one message format and stick with it - mix it up!

There are a few key things that this message does really well.

  • It provides a level of personalization. You want to relate to the potential member, but also show that this isn’t coming from a bot, instead, it really is someone that’s taking time out of their day to welcome them.
  • The message encourages community participation through friendship. If done correctly, this almost guarantees new-member dedication from the very beginning. They now feel welcome since they have a group of friends that are getting them established within the social culture of the community. Even better, there’s a level of social accountability nudging them towards participation. We, as humans, want to reciprocate generous behavior, so you can count on the newcomer to feel more obligated to your community than others they’ve recently joined.
  • It’s authentic. You don’t want to use the same cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste message for every newcomer. Effort is what matters with this strategy. If you don’t have the time to show a new potential member that you care, why would they offer their contribution and dedication in return?

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are a number of NFT Discord Bots that'll help you grow and manage your community server.

*Note - Be very careful about how you use DMs. Establish that the team will never ask for anything that could compromise a wallet or social account.


Your values and culture as a collection and community should be clear to all new members. There’s no better way to accomplish this than by making it the first point of interaction.

When you establish that you value authentic interaction and community contribution straight from the jump by personally welcoming new members, you attract members that hold the same values. Over time, this creates a strong foundation of members that are in the community for the right reasons.


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