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NFT Project Growth Tactics: Create a Community Leaderboard

NFT Project Growth Tactics: Create a Community Leaderboard
Boost your NFT community growth with our latest article on creating a community leaderboard.

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NFT Utility & Incentives are everything.

Imagine putting hours upon hours of hard work into a project. You’re emotionally invested; you love what you’ve created, and can’t wait to show it to the world. These are the feelings that every NFT artist and collection owner experiences when launching their project.

Regardless of your motivations in starting a collection - deep down, you want some form of recognition and appreciation for your work.

But… What about if your work simply goes unnoticed.

I’d bet you’d feel discouraged. What’s the point of contributing to the ecosystem with your hard work if no one pays attention?

NFT Community Members aren’t any Different.

It’s absolutely essential to realize that your community members think about their contributions in the same way. When someone decides to join a collection and then tweet all about it, message in discord, and attend community events, they are making the same commitment as you to the broader mission of the community - and they want to be recognized for that.

Members like this are really special.

If you take their contributions to the community for granted, you can’t expect them to hang around for long. So, what can you do to make them feel appreciated, and ultimately get them to stay active?

NFT Project Engagement: A Quick Step-by-Step Fix!

One really simple and cost-effective way to keep your top contributing members engaged is to post rankings in your announcements channel every week across a few different contribution categories.

Here’s a great example from @nariofka.

@Narisofka Community Leaderboard

In Narisofka’s community, there’s a leaderboard that ranks members by the number of NFTs each member owns. The leaderboard is updated weekly, and each of the top 5 members is rewarded, which in addition to recognizing top members, also completely gamifies collecting within the community.

Another cool way to go about this would be to log discord message or tweet activity for each member and provide a leaderboard for that criteria as well (although much harder to accomplish).

NFT Leadboard Tips and Tricks

Try to limit the leaderboard to only the top 5 ranked members. This keeps the ranking list exclusive. You want those who contribute enough to feel recognized for their achievement. If there’s a ton of people included, it’s not really that special anymore. Limiting how many members are included on the leaderboard also helps with time management.

Consider rewarding those that make the leaderboard at the end of the week. Going above and beyond for those that contribute to your community is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation. Consider different rewards like airdrops, whitelist spots, merch, etc.


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