Delve into the Enigmatic NFT Collection World: Uncover Long Lost NFT Art & Treasures

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The Long Lost NFT Collection

Introducing The Long Lost NFT Collection, a limited edition series of non-fungible tokens that serve as your exclusive membership pass to a vibrant community of gamers, degens, 90s culture enthusiasts, music artists, and streetwear & skateboard aficionados. By owning a Lostie, you gain access to the entire Long Lost ecosystem, where benefits and offerings continue to grow over time.

Community Benefits

As a Lostie owner, you can enjoy a variety of perks, including the opportunity to win prizes, secure whitelist spots, purchase limited edition streetwear, and join a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Participate in exclusive events and engage with fellow Losties in unique experiences.

Exclusive Access

Lostie holders have exclusive access to browse and shop for whitelist spots, NFTs, and Lostie products. You also have the chance to acquire limited, special release merchandise that is only available to members of the community.

Community Events

Immerse yourself in various events and hang out with other Losties. Compete in "winner takes all" NFT-wide community gaming tournaments and showcase your skills against fellow members.

Long Lost & Riveting Music Mixtape

Stream and listen to the exclusive Long Lost & Riveting Music Mixtape, featuring a curated selection of tracks that embody the spirit of the community.

Win Physical and Digital Prizes

As a Lostie owner, you have the opportunity to win both physical and digital prizes, further enhancing your membership experience. Join the Long Lost NFT Collection today and let's get #LOSTAF together.

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