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Guide to AirNFTs: A Leading Polygon NFT Marketplace for Your Project

Guide to AirNFTs: A Leading Polygon NFT Marketplace for Your Project
In the ever-evolving NFT landscape, it is crucial for creators to find an ideal marketplace that caters to their specific needs

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In the ever-evolving NFT landscape, it is crucial for creators to find an ideal marketplace that caters to their specific needs. Welcome to the comprehensive AirNFTs guide, a deep dive into the leading NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), now expanding to Polygon.

Revolutionizing the crypto collectibles industry, AirNFTs offers unique features, low fees, and a seamless user experience. Let's delve into the key aspects of AirNFTs and explore why creators should consider this marketplace for their projects.

What is AirNFTs?

AirNFTs is a fast-growing NFT marketplace launched in May 2021 on Binance Smart Chain. Addressing the challenges faced by traditional NFT marketplaces such as high fees and slow transaction times, AirNFTs is designed to offer a superior experience for both creators and collectors. The platform has gained significant traction, reaching the top five on DApp Radar's marketplace rankings.

Key Features of AirNFTs

Native Token $AIRT

One of the standout features of AirNFTs is its native token, $AIRT, used to reward buyers and sellers for every transaction on the platform. This token-based incentive system encourages active participation and enhances the user experience. Moreover, holders of $AIRT gain governance rights, allowing them to influence the platform's future development.

Royalties for Artists

AirNFTs plans to introduce a royalty system that benefits artists from secondary work sales. This innovative feature ensures creators continue earning from their creations after the initial sale, fostering a sustainable income stream and a fairer marketplace for artists.

Cross-Blockchain Compatibility

Keeping up with the growing NFT market, AirNFTs is working on providing cross-blockchain compatibility. This feature will allow creators and collectors to trade NFTs seamlessly across different blockchain networks, offering greater flexibility and expanding the user base for the platform.

Launchpad for Fundraising

AirNFTs is developing a launchpad that allows users to fundraise for artists while owning a portion of their royalties. This innovative approach to crowdfunding empowers artists and fosters a collaborative community within the NFT ecosystem.

Low Fees and Faster Transactions with AirNFTs

One key reason creators should consider using AirNFTs for their projects is their cost-effectiveness. Minting an NFT on AirNFTs is significantly cheaper than on Ethereum, with a blockchain fee of just $0.70 per NFT. In comparison, Ethereum's gas fees can be exorbitantly high, making it less accessible for many creators. The platform's integration with the Polygon network enhances its appeal further, allowing for even faster and more affordable transactions.

User-friendly Interface and Support at AirNFTs

AirNFTs boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for creators to mint and list their NFTs without needing any technical knowledge. The platform supports both Trust Wallet and MetaMask, providing a seamless experience for users familiar with these popular wallets. Additionally, AirNFTs offers responsive support to address any issues, promptly enhancing the overall user experience.

Why Choose AirNFTs for Your NFT Project?

AirNFTs emerges as an excellent choice for creators looking to showcase their projects on a Polygon NFT marketplace. Its unique features, low fees, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for artists and collectors alike. With its ongoing growth and an ambitious roadmap, AirNFTs is well-positioned to become a significant player in the expanding NFT market.

Getting Started with AirNFTs

To start your journey with AirNFTs, visit their website and connect your wallet (Trust Wallet or MetaMask) by clicking on the wallet icon on the top right of the page. Once your wallet is connected, you can create or buy NFTs on the platform. Navigate to the 'create' tab and follow the steps to mint your first NFT.

Listing and Selling on AirNFTs

After creating your NFT, you can list it for sale. Click on the NFT you wish to sell from your 'collected' tab. Fill in the details for the price and duration of the sale, either as a fixed price or a timed auction. Make sure to double-check all the details before confirming the transaction.

Buying NFTs on AirNFTs

To buy NFTs, visit the marketplace and browse the collections. Once you've found an NFT you like, click on the item page to view more details. Click on the 'Buy now' button, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and the NFT is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirNFTs?

AirNFTs is a leading NFT marketplace built on the Polygon blockchain. It allows creators to mint, sell and trade NFTs seamlessly and affordably. AirNFTs strongly focuses on supporting creators and aims to be the go-to platform for NFT projects.

What makes AirNFTs different from other NFT marketplaces?

AirNFTs sets itself apart from other NFT marketplaces in several ways. First, it is built on the Polygon blockchain, which is known for its fast and affordable transactions. Second, it is focused on supporting creators, offering lower fees and more control over the NFT creation process. Finally, it has a strong community of artists and collectors, making it a great place to discover new and exciting projects.

How do I create and sell NFTs on AirNFTs?

To create and sell NFTs on AirNFTs, you must first connect your wallet to the platform. Then, you can upload your NFT and set a price for it. Once your NFT is listed, buyers can purchase it using cryptocurrency. AirNFTs charges a fee of just 2.5% on each sale, which is lower than many other NFT marketplaces.

What types of NFTs can I sell on AirNFTs?

AirNFTs supports various NFTs, including digital art, music, videos, and more. As long as it can be represented as a unique digital asset, it can be sold as an NFT on AirNFTs.

How does AirNFTs ensure the authenticity of NFTs?

AirNFTs uses blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of NFTs. Each NFT is unique and has a specific digital signature that cannot be replicated or altered. This means buyers can be sure they are purchasing an authentic, one-of-a-kind NFT.

Is it safe to use AirNFTs?

Yes, AirNFTs is a safe and secure platform. It uses advanced security measures to protect user data and funds, and has a strong focus on user experience. Additionally, all transactions on the platform are conducted on the Polygon blockchain, which is known for its security and reliability.


AirNFTs is the marketplace for creators and collectors seeking an accessible, affordable, and user-friendly platform. Its continuous commitment to innovation and community growth positions it as a leading player in the NFT space. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey. Start creating, selling, or buying NFTs on AirNFTs today.

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