Animate Your NFT World: Experience DeadHeads NFT Art & Lively Community

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Deadheads NFT Collection

Welcome to the world of Deadheads, a unique NFT collection featuring the reanimated adventures of dead souls owned by living fans. These characters may lack flesh, but they more than make up for it with their cool headgear and stylish appearances. Join the bony cronies of the Big Boss in their quest to live their best afterlife.

The Deadheads NFT collection is not just a set of digital art pieces; it is also the foundation for a YouTube series. Follow the story of these funky lost souls as they navigate the topsy-turvy underworld, dodging Skulltroopers and uncovering the Mystery of the Ring™. The series aims to bring a little joy to an eternity of suffering.

Every Deadhead is available for purchase as an NFT, allowing you to become a major player in the Deadhead community. By owning a character NFT, you'll also have the intellectual property rights to use your characters in the show or bring them to life in your own creative ways.

Join the lively discussion on the Deadheads Discord server and get rewarded for interacting with the community on Twitter. Share your Deadhead NFT with others and showcase the unique ways you've been corrupting your character. There's no end to the ways you can come play with the Deadheads, forever and ever and ever.

DeadHeads NYC Event

On June 18th, the Deadheads community hosted an event in New York City featuring incredible immersive art from artists such as @jasonseife, @Dario_Desiena, @sixnfive, @stonercatstv, @samuelho, and DJ @omgkirby. The event was a fantastic opportunity for fans to connect and celebrate the Deadheads NFT collection.

Fans can look forward to more excitement, as Manga 2 is on its way soon. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to engage with the Deadheads community!

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