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NFT Community Spotlight: The Uncanny Club

NFT Community Spotlight: The Uncanny Club
Get an exclusive look at the Uncanny Club NFT community and the impact they're making on the art world.

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What if there was a social club that wasn’t based on superiority or archaic connections, but instead on ownership and earned status? It is a remarkably inspiring concept, but is it really possible within the constraints of the traditional club model?

Well, with the power of Web3, The Uncanny Club (UCC) is building a community that learns from the traditions and culture of social clubs, while democratizing membership and stakeholding power.

The NFT Collectibles

Artist Connar “Cod” Mas is a skilled art professional who studied Art Business at the Sotheby’s Art Institute. He lends his unique style to the collection, which crosses classic 2D animation-style character design with riffs on different iconic eras of design, such as ’50s style advertisements, mid century pop art, and even some design elements that resemble trending hypebeast fashion trends.

An Uncanny Club Piece (Credit: Uncanny Club)

The Uncanny Club logo is the definition of understated and cool — an “If you know, you know” piece. The Black and White Globe icon, which contains the Letters “UCC” is a logo that’s perfect to wear, subtly expressing your membership in the club, without being too flashy. The pieces themself are also classic and cool — they have a cartoonish style and refined color palette, and the nostalgic notes certainly makes UCC feel more like a traditional club.

UCC logo merch from the pro shop — a subtle, yet classy look

NFT Membership to The Club

When first learning about the club as a prospective member, there are a few important aspects to understand. The first, is the spaces within the club: there’s the pro shop, where you can buy UCC merch, the lounge, a members only networking and discussion space, and the library, where you’ll find UCC’s extensive lore.

Before delving further into the club, we have to take a second to discuss its lore. Within the different chapters, we meet some of the most prominent members who hang around the club, and the activities and traditions that members cherish. It’s a great way to get a feel for what the club strives to embody, and to be immersed in the spirit of the club. We loved reading about the club’s Summer Ball — with a focus on IRL events within phase II and beyond of the UCC roadmap, we can only imagine that one day, iconic club traditions like this will come to life.

With such a focus on status and membership within the club, you might be wondering, how is status decided? Well, UCC has its own internal staking program, rewarding members based on involvement and the amount of time that they have held collection items. These rewards can be redeemed at a UCC market, with plans for further activation in the future.

The Community Behind the NFT Project

The community embodies the best parts of an “old boys club” — the spirit of brotherhood, the unconditional support, and the shared enthusiasm. The Lounge provides a space for community members to support and get to know each other. From helping each other win employment, to donating UCC currency, there’s a tradition of generosity within the club. There are also games for members within Discord, and active audio chat rooms.

A promotion for a UCC Board Meeting


We are equally impressed with The Uncanny Club’s art and its community. It’s easy to become immersed in the visuals, both the individual art pieces, and the promotional materials as well. However, the layers of the project, such as the staking program and lore, are what really set it apart. It’s only 7 months old, and has already attracted over 14,000 followers on Twitter and 8,000 members on Discord, making it a safe bet that UCC is growing and will continue to grow rapidly. If you’re interested in being a part of the Club, be sure to check out The Uncanny.

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