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NFT Community Spotlight: Sprite Club

NFT Community Spotlight: Sprite Club
Dive deep into the Sprite Club NFT community and learn about the fascinating art, culture, and technology behind it.

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Sprite Club NFT

There’s no better feeling than reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a video game that takes you into another world. Immersive stories have been around since the beginning of time and have been fundamental for uniting people and providing hope and happiness during tough times. Enter the Sprite Club: choose your own adventure journey where you embark into the Sprite Realm.

Journey: Beautiful NFT PFPs and a Strong Community

In the Sprite Club, your story begins before you even mint. Upon opening the mysterious invitation you are propelled into the forest on a ‘Choose your own Minting Adventure’ which is a personality quiz used to assign your Sprite to one of five classes within the community. Based on the choices you make, the Sprite you mint will reflect the class your personality is most closely aligned with. The five possible classes you could be assigned are adventurer, mystic, warrior, muse, and rogue. The class you are assigned will influence the rest of your journey in the realm, beginning with Chapter One. There is infinite potential for the sprites to build and create in this new chapter, with much more to follow in the future. The founders are creating a collaborative roadmap that details chapter 1 and provides details on side quests, sky drops, and merch.

The intention of the founders is to tell a story in which each individual is as much an author of their own fate as they, the creators, of this tale, are. The Sprite Club was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who wish to provide the nostalgia, whimsy, and escapism of classic role-playing games and choose your own adventure stories through digital ownership. The core founding team is made up of 8 individuals with a plethora of skill sets and interests in the area of Web 3 as well as traditional experience in brand-building, marketing, strategy, and the creative arts.

The Sprite Club Team

The Art: 7,777 little Sprites on-chain.

The sprite club is a collection of 7777 little Sprites, which are cute alien-looking creatures with different traits depending on their class. Ofelia is the mastermind behind the art. It’s hard to believe that the Sprite Club is her first introduction to digital art and drawing beyond her beloved childhood doodles. Ofelia was largely self-taught over the course of the initial 6 months that they were building the project. Her dedication to the learning process combined with her background in fashion provides a very unique and original vision which can be seen in the extensive scope of detail and individuality in each Sprite. Individual Sprites are each a rare combination of hundreds of hand-drawn traits. I love the art because you can see the uniqueness and craftsmanship that goes into each Sprite, making the sprite club stand out.


In addition to the delightful art and the ‘choose your own adventure’ experience, the Sprite Club is one that cultivates a strong and inclusive community. I could go on and on about my thoughts on the community but let’s hear from some of its members:

“The community and art! a lot of people in web3 preach about being inclusive to all, but Sprite Club put words into action and really are one of the most supportive and inclusive communities in the space. and the art, I mean LOOK AT IT.”

- Muffdiver42069

“I remember learning about them when I stumbled on one of their twitter spaces and ofelia was explaining how this nft was going to be based on your personality.. pff my mind was blown, not just because it was a new idea but bc I feel like creating and developing your own pfp/avatar, to me, is such a fun and exciting process. makes me feel more connected to it in a way. Also sprite club always showed so much inclusivity within the discord and that had a huge impact in my involvement.”

- Tanocul

“What struck me with Sprite Club was how they planned to (and obviously executed) ‘gamify’ the minting process. and the whole choose-your-own-adventure aspect of the story, making the lore truly community-driven instead of just being a buzzword”

- Azazel

Wrapping it up.

The Sprites are a growing community that is accepting of all and that can be seen by interacting in their discord. The community embodies inclusivity and positivity with lots of GMs every morning and a very supportive member base! The Sprites are truly a one-of-a-kind community that is bringing people together over the joys of storytelling and friendship.

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