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NFT Community Spotlight: Retrievers

NFT Community Spotlight: Retrievers
Learn about the passionate individuals who make up the Retrievers NFT community and the art they create.

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Dogs: they are such a big part of many of our lives, so much so that we even consider them family members. The Retrievers Collection is home to dog lovers all over the ‘verse, and offers a community united around their puppy love. Made up of 5,555 hand-drawn and algorithmically created space traveling dogs faring all of the known universes, to infinity and beyond.

We all knew the day would come when dogs outsmart man. This collection has made that day come true. As part of the utility of being a Retriever, you’re able to work alongside your fellow comrades to create a new planet of your own in The Sandbox. A project fully centered around community, you’ll have access to live chats and discussion around planning and execution, for the low price of 0.069Eth. This is not only a project for puppy lovers, but those looking to build and create something special for and with the community.

NFT Art: 5,555 Hand-Drawn Digital Collectibles

The team of artists is a team of highly skilled individuals with incredible passion for NFTs, crypto and Web3 who are also seasoned veterans in the art world with impressive backgrounds. With 8 individuals on the team, and 4 of them dedicated to the art, the high quality comes at no surprise. Much too often projects are just in it for the profit; this project clearly is not in it for a quick buck, but rather to share great art and sculpt an even greater community.

These colorful retrievers are depicted with an animated cartoon style that are highly distinctive. Each retriever’s rarity is characterized by color. For example the Lilac colored retriever is the most common while white retrievers are uncommon brown retrievers being rare and green retrievers being epic.

Retrievers are drawn and show in a typical profile picture (PFP) style looking off into the right side of the screen, with often eccentric hair styles and human-like outfits. These little dogs range from space-suited yellow labs to a Blue’s Clues color pup with the heart beating out of the chest.

The hand-drawn traits allow for the ultimate level of uniqueness for each retriever. Below is a list of how many of each trait there is available:

  • 12 hats
  • 12 eyes
  • 18 mouth’s
  • 30 backgrounds
  • 20 body
  • 50+ faces
  • 35+ elements

With no doubt, you will find at least one Retriever that will have the traits you want and distinctly your style.

NFT Project Community

As we all know, the community is one of the most appealing aspects of any project and the Retrievers have a highly unique and welcoming community. Whether it is the general discussion or the game nights hosted there is always fun to be had with friends. Members appreciate the genuine component of the community because there is no need for grinding meaningless discord messages. Rather, conversations are centered around relationships and the project building rooted in meaningful engagement.

Another appealing aspect of the project is that Retrievers are creating real-world assets with the use of NFTs. This project rewards loyalty and embraces new members. One member, when asked why they are part of the community now, said “I fell in love with the Retriever’s Art and chose to stay for the loving and friendly community.” This is a shared sentiment with all in the community and there is also an aspect of friendly competitiveness with fan art competitions and retriever games to earn whitelist spots.

Early adopters of Retrievers will be rewarded in the future as they get special incentives to be early members. Post mint they plan on doing a giveaway of $10,000 if you mint 3 of their works. They also plan on having unique and strong branding around RETR with merchandise and the ability to purchase physical art. Another post-mint goal is to have community events and trip giveaways to Rome, New York, and London. Making the value of the project spread throughout the community rather than concentrated in one area.


The opportunities are vast with this great community and they are worth checking out on Twitter, Discord, and their website. If you’re new to NFTs this is a great opportunity for you to get into the space, the community is ready to welcome you with open arms and give you a place where it feels like home. It was a true pleasure working with this community. A special thank you to the Retrievers community for helping me feel like one of them, and letting me see what it is like to be part of their community!

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