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NFT Community Spotlight: Psychonautz

NFT Community Spotlight: Psychonautz
Uncover the fascinating stories behind the Psychonautz NFT community and the art they create.

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The best Web3 communities are formed over a strong shared interest or value… and what interest could be more meaningful to bond over than the inner workings of one’s mind? Enter Psychonautz, the brainchild of Gabriel Santos and Mario Beltran. The Pychonautz are a tight knit community gathering around a trippy collection of psychedelic-inspired art.

The NFT Project Community

As you would expect, there’s tons of enthusiasm for hallucinogenic experiences, but there’s so much more going on within Psychonautz. Members prize the collaborative, enterprising, and thoughtful spirit of the community almost as much as the art itself.

Community member @iamsiccau2 put it this way: “I love this community, everyone is great and there are some really good, genuine and hard working people in here. I absolutely love the art, but when I heard the team speak on a Twitter space we were having I knew this was a project I wanted to get behind.”

The founders emphasize that there’s an intentional reason for this meaningful and positive spirit. They want to destigmatize the conversation around psychedelics and make the topic more mainstream. Art is a great way to shed more light on the topic, and there’s incredible power in rallying a community of thousands behind Psychonautz.

Beautiful, Psychadelic-Inspired NFT Art

The collection is incredibly visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. Each piece, done by Surreal and Psychadellic Artist Sander Jansen, is based off one of four main characters: Randy, Haze, Blaze and Cling. Each has a unique combination of traits and facial elements.

The pieces are lively, slightly unsettling, and trippy, a perfect emblem for user’s experiences with psychedelics and their own minds. “I love that each piece is unique, if you zoom in any of the piece you will find another story within it,” explained community member sleven7.

Future plans for the art include spin off pieces from the creatures within the art. These smaller characters bring a fun and whimsical feel to the collection, and are sure to be sought after by the community.

Credit: Psychonautz

NFT Utility & Offerings

It’s clear that the Psychonautz team understands the power of engaging and rewarding members. In the short term, member engagement takes the form of generous offerings such as airdrops, raffles (currently there’s a raffle for an awesome Bored Ape Yacht Club original, Sleepy the Ape), and the aforementioned spin off characters. There are also rewards for superfans — members who own NFTs based off each of the 4 different characters are eligible to purchase a new 5th character, Grim.

Future plans for the psychoz include funding of studies and other psychedelic related projects. There’s a strong grassroots energy from the founders. Santos emphasized the need for funding and support in the space, especially considering the stigma associated with it.

Furthermore, the Psychonautz is a part of larger organization GBLSTS, which helps artists navigate the digital world. This team has capabilities in everything from digital strategy to product development, allowing the Psychonautz’s expansion beyond NFTs to include many different pursuits.


Community members agree that this is just the beginning for Psychonautz. Just like Santos and Beltran, members are eager to expand the Psychonautz to a broader community and set of projects. “There are so many ways to get to the end goal and see “success”. We are seeing so many innovative ways to utilize web 3 once you dig past all the Degens and Derivatives grabbing users with art and promises alone. I could have hours of conversation on this topic. This kind of art could be a vehicle for almost anything,” explains OldboyOrion.

We are eager to see Psychonautz expand its reach while keeping a whimsical and slightly edgy spirit. With so much potential, it’s clear this is a great project to jump on board with and join the movement. Check out more here.

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