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Community Spotlight: Okay Bears Yacht Club

Community Spotlight: Okay Bears Yacht Club
Explore the Okay Bears Yacht Club NFT community and see how it's changing the art world one digital asset at a time.

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Bear PFP NFTs: A Look Inside The Okay Bear Yacht Club

Do you like community-building, being valued as an NFT owner, and the occasional bear pun? Founded on May 18th, 2022, the Okay Bears Yacht Club is an NFT community that brings together thousands of users through a collection of bear-themed art pieces that you may want to check out.

“Okay Bears Yacht Club #3963” (Credit: Okay Bears Yacht Club by OBYC Labs)

The NFT Project's Community

10.6K Twitter followers, 3,902 Discord group members, and 2,842 owners make up the Bear Community. These community members–affectionately known as Bears — engage with the club not only through the ownership of the NFTs themselves but also through digital interactions and in-person meetups. In the past, the bears have hosted events such as virtual poker nights and beach cleanups, and of course.

Behind the OBYC are nine bears who center this ecosystem around “full ownership of digital assets, IP rights, and real-world advantages for community members.” Just to name a few ot their their functions, they develop the art, organize digital and in-person interactions, and write regular news stories for the “Captain’s (B)log” updating their members and the greater NFT community on their ongoing development. These leaders were selected by the community to guide this movement, so they make sure to keep their community members in mind as they take on their various roles.

The Art: High Quality NFT PFPs

At the heart of the OBYC are 7,777 NFTs that draw from the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club and Okay Bears collections. Most of these NFTs contain the profile picture of a bear. Some are grinning, others frown or smirk. Some have their eyes closed, others appear to be staring off into the distance. They are set off by accessories like party hats, bone necklaces, asparagus, and so many more, which give each bear a distinct and funky personality.

We’re also a fan of the gorgeous art that serves as a visual accompaniment to the collection’s lore. The works are filled with details and color, and the cartoonish style is nostalgically reminiscent of earlier Web2 worlds, especially Club Penguin. There’s plans in the roadmap for a gaming platform, and we know that the cartoonish world would serve as a stunning backdrop for gameplay.

“The OBYC Roadmap” (Credit: Okay Bears Yacht Club by OBYC Labs)

NFT Utility & Offerings

OBYC just minted their L2 Lab Items on September 25. This expanded their storyline, giving owners the opportunity to change their bears into either a mutant or a machine.

In addition to their digital offerings, in June 2022, the OBYC made their first-ever, in-person appearance at the annual NFT.NYC Event. Some real-life (in-costume) bears wandered the streets of NYC giving out free OBYC merch to members, fans, and passerby alike. But if you didn’t make it to NYC, fear not–you can always grab some cool merch through the OBYC Shop. Whether you need a dad hat or a fanny pack, the OBYC offers plenty of ways to bring out your inner bear.

OBYC also partners with other companies in the NFT world such as My Physical NFT which allow owners to personalize their merch with their unique bear.

An OBYC Bear Visits New York City for NFT.NYC (Credit: Okay Bears Yacht Club by OBYC Labs)

Takeaways: A Budding, Sustainable NFT Project

The Okay Bears Yacht Club is a community-centered group that is working to promote ownership among their members. We admire both the fun designs of their artwork and the community they have brought together over the last five months, and we are excited to see their network expand and grow stronger in the future. So if you’re feeling a little “bear-ish,” make sure to check out Okay Bears Yacht Club.

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