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NFT Community Spotlight: Dippies

NFT Community Spotlight: Dippies
Discover the latest trends and developments in the exciting world of the Dippies NFT Community.

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Digital Revolution - Dippies NFT Community

For those old enough to witness Woodstock’s historical event, ironically in 1969, the time brings up memories of good vibes and music, some funky drugs, and everyone looking to have one hell of a time with each other. Those who didn’t get to see with our own two eyes, but possibly did in our past life, know the same feeling of being surrounded by people who are all in touch with nature and willing to stand up and manifest a better world alongside each other. These shared sentiments form a collection of like-minded individuals like no other. Thankfully for Uncle Sal and Taylor Might, we now have this same community of modern day hippies leading the digital revolution and giving power back to the people.

Woodstock was the grounds upon which musical revolution was made, with new electric sounds and artists coming to the forefront as leaders of this new ethos that separated themselves from the older generations. Similarly, we can think of the blockchain revolution in the same light. Now, creators and creativity lovers alike have the digital grounds to connect and discover those brave enough to lead and accelerate the digital rebellion. In striking parallel, both of these revolutions saw freedom seeking, music loving, culture rebelling hippies leading the charge.

You can imagine the ethos of the project: good vibes where “musical and festival lovers unite over digital hippy jpegs” TheToastedPoptart.eth says. And when the vibes are good and spirits are high (literally), you get a community from top to bottom all working towards the same goal: building a better world. In order to unite such a widespread group, Sal has embraced his role as a hipster apostle of the community’s school of thought and way of life.

The Project Community - Breaking Ground in Web3

Being a pioneer on a new frontier has given Uncle Sal and the team the platform to share their resonance with decentralization and democratic governance to an audience across the world. He and cofounder Taylor Might have harnessed their creative genius with the Dippies to digitally bring the hippie spirit to life. The community members embody what it means to think and create cooperatively, as the art and project’s utility are created with the founding team’s creativity and the members’ drive for utility.

It’s fascinating to see some of the incredible ideas that come from the Dippie dialogue, with a huge emphasis on providing some sort of value to the members. Ideas range from an accrual mechanism where holders would be given ‘points’ earned for their contributions and holdings that could be redeemed for merchandise (credit to dsneijder on discord), to trading whitelist spots that are earned, to a shared art collection that could be used and enjoyed by Dippie holders. Tons of good ideas that would undoubtedly make a lot of hipsters happy.

As you might expect, a one-of-a-kind community like the Dippies would not achieve such a renowned status without a doppelganger-like digital representation of the Woodstock attendees. You can tell that these digital degens tested more drugs than the FDA. I showed my grandparents (who were at the festival) a couple of these PFPs on OpenSea, and they can swear they saw a look-alike for each at one point or another during the rave. I cannot confirm their sobriety.

NFT Style and Swag

As you might expect, and as the name suggests, these degens look like they’re high off life (and maybe a little dope or magic mushrooms). Enjoying every second of life, you won’t ever catch one of these characters without a smile on their face (or a blunt in rotation). These rebellious boys and girls come with all different styles of long and untamed hair — often accompanied by some sort of bandana, headband, or hat. Each Dippie stands in front of a varying background and is pictured from the belly up, so we get to appreciate all the different shirts and swag emblematic of the festival life.

To no surprise, there are a few especially eccentric characters that sell for top dollar. One of my personal favorite (#6467) is a ‘Jesus-like’ avatar with long pink hair paired with a beard of the same length, with a little twitter bird nesting in the hair being held back by a flower bandana, all while the Dippie is blunt blowin some exotic rainbow hash, with his head in the clouds. A truly incredible depiction of a man so in tune with nature.

The Dippie Jesus — #6467

Although the Woodstock events are limited, there is no shortage of events these Dippies can get their hands on in the Dippieverse. However, for ease of transportation (and massive utiltity) Sal, Taylor, and the rest of the gang brought to life a collection of 11,500 Dippie Vans. These Vans are the key to the digital ecosystem where the community can play games like DippieRaces together, where members can compete with one another using both their Dippies and Vans.

As no stranger to the road life typical of the ’60s and ’70s (although a bit more dialed back) I can tell that these vans would have been the hottest rides on the road, even today. These adventure seeking vehicles come in all sorts of designs and prints, ensuring that the odds of seeing one that bears even the slightest resemblance are slim to none. If only I could bring one to life and hit the road with some Dipsters.


It’s evident that the strongest communities are the ones that form around a shared sense of identity and common goals. Both are stronger within the Dippie community than I have seen to date. I may be biased because I feel as though I resonate with their mission and ethos a bit. All things aside, there are few collections and artists that have been able to spark so much joy, hope, and genuine friendship while keeping with the web3 principles. It certainly helps that these hipsters are already rebellion prone as they fight to accelerate the digital revolution we are living through.

It should come as a bode of confidence that an icon of the rap game, but also music industry in general, resonates so strongly with the project. Snoop Dogg, one of the most notorious names in all of America, has been very public about his association and support of the Dippie project; so much so that he curated a theme song that plays as you enter their website. It’s a banger to say the least. It’s also a sign for holders and the web3 world alike that the Dippies are here to stay, and they are going to fight tooth and nail alongside their fellow hipsters — playing good music and smokin’ dope — to lead us to a decentralized world that is more equitable and utilitarian for all.

Although this collection and project are fairly new, Im of the conviction that there will be a lot of exciting things that come out of being a member. Outside of the communal friendships and shared sentiments, the Dippies have set out the make the world a better place where life is just much happier. I hold no doubt they will make it happen, and I’m stoked to see them manifest it.

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