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Community Spotlight: Chum Chums

Community Spotlight: Chum Chums
Step inside the world of Chum Chums NFT and join the vibrant community of collectors and artists.

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Finding Your Chums with Chum Chums.

Introducing the one and only: Chum Chums. Brought to you by a women-led team of artists and collaborators, Liv and Lucy have brought life to 5,700 ‘Chums’ on the Ethereum blockchain. These little guys are inspired by Japanese native Kawaii Art that celebrates creativity, belonging, and most importantly, inclusivity for all.


Kawaii art has an interesting history, originating from student rebellion in Japan against mind-numbing lectures and the indoctrination of students that was common in their culture. Instead of attending the lectures, students would find solace in creating unique art that soothed the mind and soul. In fact, cute is the direct English translation of Kawaii - an apt name considering its style is nothing short of the cutest figures, shapes, and collections of color you have ever seen. Kawaii is characterized by simplicity - soft gradients with rounded shapes and corners, along with cartoon-like rounded forms and faces filled in with bright, soft, and soothing colors. As the Chums say, “pretty things that make the heart flutter.” They do just that.

Not only is the art good for the soul, but the community is also one of the most heartwarming in the space. One of their community members described it as a place where people find solace in their digital Chums, but make “Chums” with other community members who share the same set of values, all resonating deeply with the warmness of the art. There is very little shilling and speculation over floor price, and much more fun and good vibes where members are able to make deep and lasting connections and friendships with people all over the world.

Their Mission.

One of Chum Chums’ main missions is to bring a smile to everyone’s face with not only the art (meant to represent connection and warmth), but also building an inclusive community where members care about the project like it’s their own. I talked to one member who had been there since Mint Day, and he said that the art and community inspire a sense of freedom - a freedom to express the highs and lows that come with life, a freedom to use his voice to uplift others going through tough times, and freedom to break down geographical barriers to make genuine friendships and connections.


Whether you’re new to the web3 space and looking for a great first community to be welcomed into or a seasoned veteran who’s weathered a bear market before, you’ll find homage in the Chum Chums community. You will find a place actively looking to uplift women and underrepresented artists, collaborate with other projects and artists, and identify and reward community members who share their same values.

Instead of finding and flipping an NFT, find a niche community full of Chums that encourages friendship and bonding far beyond the possibilities in a big blue-chip project. Here you will find a tight-knit community dedicated to putting a smile on your face and making you feel at home.

This post is the first in a series that spotlights communities across the NFT ecosystem. I’m going to continue to provide community deep-dives like this - so if this is helpful follow me on Twitter to stay updated!

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