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NFT Community Spotlight: BadWabbitz

NFT Community Spotlight: BadWabbitz
Join the conversation about the BadWabbitz NFTs and connect with the community making it happen.

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BadWabbitz NFT

A tight knit & artist-led community, BadWabbitz is forging its own path when it comes to community building. Founder Daniel Bigay, also known as DABarts, is working closely with Badwabbitz’s first members to build connections and define the brand.

The Project Founder 👨🎨

Daniel Bigay started out painting surfboards, and has since expanded to commissions of various forms including murals and digital designs. He favors more public and unconventional art venues, and bucks the notion that artists have to display their work in a stuffy gallery to succeed. He’s also passionate about growing his brand and is always looking for new opportunities — when he found the NFT space, it was a natural next step for his artistic empire.

Bigay has spent the last year researching the Web3 world in order to fully build out his collection — he is spearheading every aspect of the project, from storytelling, to design, to community management.

The Community behind the NFT Project 👨👩👧👧

Unlike some communities who use a Discord loaded with thousands of accounts to communicate, Bigay’s member community is a 50 person WhatApp group that he personally manages. This allows him to bond with and receive feedback from his members directly. In fact, he refers to it as a family, not just a community.

He emphasized that his NFT community members are more invested than traditional art fans — they are usually engaged in the project and have an opinion, as opposed to traditional supporters who are more passive consumers.

The Digital Art Collectibles 🎨

We already love the artwork Daniel is putting out. Each Wabbit has personality, spunk, and tons of color. As an artist first and foremost, he is “in it for the long haul” when it comes to his collection — he is constantly thinking about how it can push the boundaries and become a household name. Just as previous generations had Warhol and Picasso, he predicts that the next global art sensation will be someone from the digital space.

Daniel’s first mint will be December 16, when he will release 1000 1/1 pieces. Another untraditional move? He is hosting an in person launch party in Puerto Rico. He’s passionate about events where art enthusiasts can gather, and, naturally, sees a mint as a perfect opportunity to celebrate the project.

Takeaways: Upcoming NFT Project With A Strong Community 🤩

This community and project is all about the art. With a vast range of knowledge about the art industry, Daniel brings to his collection a strategic, measured approach. There’s already so much value in this collection just based on Bigay’s decades of experience and his reputation as an artist. We can’t wait to see how he melds his knowledge and skills from the art world with hallmarks of the NFT world such as lore, roadmaps, and community involvement. Be sure to check out the collection and let us know what you think!

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