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NFT Community Spotlight: Amber Vittoria

NFT Community Spotlight: Amber Vittoria
Dive into the world of Amber Vittoria's NFTs and the thriving community that supports her.

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Amber Vittoria NFT Art

Amber Vittoria is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. She has collaborated with many of the most important brands in the art and tech world, such as Adobe, Apple, and Google. Her work spans from NFT collections, to various physical products, to an upcoming print book. Now, she’s taking the Web3 world by storm, attracting a strong community of members who are passionate about combining high quality fine art with the power of NFTs.

“Time is Infinite” (credit: Amber Vittoria)

The NFT Artist

Vittoria is an abstract artist, though she started out doing more figurative work. It’s interesting to hear about her progression as an artist. Though Amber started out as a figurative artist, as she gained recognition and refined her style, she became able to convey her message of emotion and empowerment through her abstract pieces.

Amber does a mix of client work, traditional art, and digital illustrations. Vittoria is also an avid poet, and has a new book coming out that pairs each artwork with an accompanying poem.

Vittoria with her work (credit: Amber Vittoria)

She emphasizes that her NFT project has allowed her to gain a new level of financial freedom, and only take on work that she is truly excited about. Though she has an impressive roster of clients, including L’Oreal, Facebook, and Apple, it was the power of Web3 that finally allowed her to be adequately compensated for her work.

Vittoria’s Collaboration with Adidas’s Stan Smith (credit: Amber Vittoria)

NFT Artwork

Vittoria has been working to define her artistic style for over a decade, and it’s clear that her NFT work captures her signature style, while appealing to digital art collectors. The pieces are a colorful conglomerate of simple shapes, and feel energetic, whimsical, and young. There are currently nine different NFT collections, including the alphabet collection, and the memories collection, a series of 999 pieces, each inspired by a different memory.

Piece from The Alphabet Collection (credit: Amber Vittoria)

The Community behind Amber's NFT Art Collections

Before we go any further, I want to discuss something I’ve noticed among NFT communities: many of them have a decidedly masculine feel. Most communities center around chatting on Discord with the bros & gaming, and I’ve noticed that Twitter spaces and other gatherings are predominantly filled with men.

Maybe that’s why Vittoria’s community is so appealing — though it’s obviously not limited to only women, the community has a unique and welcoming vibe, and discussion focuses around topics such as fine art and travel.

Of course, there’s also discussion about Amber’s art and all of her projects. Her section for “stories behind my art” is pretty incredible, as community members get to hear about Amber’s creative process and inspirations. This is an incredibly insightful way to interact with art: while a museum or gallery might display a placard with a short description of the art, patrons are able to interact with Amber daily and come along on her artistic journey.

Key Takeaways: A Positive and Thoughtful NFT Art Community

If you’re looking for a community that has a uniquely positive & thoughtful culture, you’ll definitely want to check out Amber Vittoria. Her pieces are not just a cool PFP to display, they’re a fine art asset, with an incredible meaning and artist behind them. There’s something awesome about seeing her pieces appear on my Twitter and Discord each morning — they’re almost like a ray of sunshine to start the day with. We’re excited to see Amber grow in all of her ventures, but especially within her NFT collections & digital community. If you liked any of the art you saw, be sure to show her some love on Twitter and OpenSea.

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