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Community Launch: Haddies Bay Club NFT

Community Launch: Haddies Bay Club NFT

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Haddie's Bay Club: A One-In-100-Million NFT Project

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From the Seaverse to the Metaverse: Meet Haddie

Introducing Haddie, the ultra-rare cotton candy colored lobster that has captured the hearts of billions. This one-in-100-million creature was discovered off the coast of Portland, Maine, on November 5, 2021, by local lobsterman Billy Coppersmith. Founder and Chief Curator Mark Murrell (GetMaineLobster.com) formed a partnership with Coppersmith and became Haddie's trusted guardian.

Haddie's Journey to Stardom

Mark Murrell quickly found Haddie a forever home at a local aquarium, knowing that the world would fall in love with her amazing colors if given a chance to behold her beauty. He was right. Haddie took over social media and the news, becoming an overnight sensation. Now, a special "one-in-100-million" community is being built around this ultra-rare lobster.

Haddie's Bay Club: A Unique NFT Collection

Haddie's Bay Club is a collection of 7,777 Haddie the one-in-100-million Cotton Candy Lobster NFTs. This exclusive community offers an opportunity for enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for Haddie and her mesmerizing colors. By owning a Haddie NFT, members will be part of a unique and captivating world that celebrates the rarity and beauty of this extraordinary creature.

Join the Haddie's Bay Club Community

Ready to dive into Haddie's Bay Club? Join the Discord community, follow Haddie's Bay Club on Twitter for updates, and visit the official website to learn more about this "one in 100 million" community. Don't miss your chance to be part of the captivating world of Haddie's Bay Club!

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