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Building a Strong NFT Community Part 3: Aligning and Educating Your Community

Building a Strong NFT Community Part 3: Aligning and Educating Your Community
How to educate NFT community members on your project and the values you stand for.

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As potential members are starting to learn about your project, you have to make sure to educate them, not sell them. Welcome them into your brand ethos, and share how your project can solve their unique needs. Your project does not exist in a vacuum, and you shouldn’t just be educating users on the project itself, but teaching them about the space and values that you are building around.

Ask yourself, what do the best practices for user education look like? We like to divide user education into three main branches. The first is informational messaging, the second is brand ethos, and the third is direct communication.

Informational, Constant Messaging is Essential for Communities

Make your social media, website, and any other public-facing materials extremely approachable. Many marketing experts will tell you to use the “grandma test” — i.e. could your grandma understand your project from looking at the website or reading your description of the project? Since Web3 hasn’t yet reached mass adoption, even public-facing products (as opposed to B2B) are relatively hard to explain to the general public, so your grandma might not understand the world of NFTs and the blockchain from the first scan of your website, but it’s a good touchstone to look towards. Ask yourself, how can I make my messaging as simple and direct as possible.

At TokenTag, we always try to get multiple opinions on different types of informational communication we put out. While your marketing team might be directly responsible for putting out informational content, your developers might be excellent at telling you what relevant features to highlight. Similarly, your community managers who are interacting with members directly might be able to provide input on what questions are frequently arising on internal or external channels, so you can address them.

Conveying NFT Project Brand Ethos

Members do not look at a website or social media solely to understand a product and its features. Furthermore, they probably won’t understand (and truly internalize) your brand if you simply list out your vision and/or values. Instead, you must work day in and day out to educate about your project and what it stands for. Each piece of content on your social media, main website, and any auxiliary resource pages you have sends a signal about your brand and goals. For example, if you’re working to promote Web3 copywriting services, having content that talks about your favorite sports or fashion NFT collections might confuse users. In this brand’s case, they could make sure their content aligns better with the brand ethos by focusing in on the way the aforementioned collections’ websites or social media effectively writes hooks or descriptions

Direct Communication

Remember, every direct outreach to a member is a chance to educate them. Whether it’s via email marketing services or a live chat your member is having with a representative, direct communication provides an opportunity to highlight aspects of a product, service, or community that could specifically appeal to that individual. If a user asks for help, take some extra time to point them to multiple resources that really target their problem… Don’t just answer their question but also suggest additional readings or forums they can engage with. Furthermore, be sure to provide a personal touch within these interactions. Try sending emails to segments of your community… if you have a segment of dedicated members, they’ll be surprised to receive an email that thanks them for their dedication and informs them how they can work with internal team members to lead initiatives within the community.

Action Items:

The Grandma Test is Essential for NFT Project Teams

Ask a friend or family member who is not familiar with your product to explain what they learn & take away from your website. If they can summarize the main idea of your product, great! If not, refine your messaging and practice explaining your project to those who are unfamiliar, and use those explanations as a starting point for your website copy.

Align Content to Your NFT Brand's Ethos

Brainstorm 5–10 examples of content topics that encapsulates your brand ethos, either explicitly (dive into one of your core values) or tangentially (highlight examples of others in the space who are excelling at your industry/project category). Ask your fellow team members to do the same, and see your ideas convey the same key ideas, in order to assess whether your content strategy for demonstrating brand ethos is clear, and can be replicated by team members in the future.

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