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8 Best NFT Discord Bots for Growing Your Web3 Community

8 Best NFT Discord Bots for Growing Your Web3 Community
Elevate your NFT community with these 8 essential Discord bots, tailored to provide a seamless and engaging experience for collectors, artists, and project developers alike.

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Discover the 8 Best Discord Bots for managing and growing your NFT Project Server, designed to revolutionize your community experience. With the integration of these exceptional bots, you can effortlessly enhance functionality, streamline transactions, and keep your members informed about the latest NFT news, all while fostering a supportive and engaging atmosphere.

Whether you're an artist, collector, or project developer, these top-notch Discord bots will cater to your every need and take your NFT community to new heights. Dive in to explore the unique features each bot offers and select the ones that align with your goals, ensuring your NFT Discord server flourishes like never before.

1. Collab.Land: The Ultimate Community Management Tool for Tokenized Groups

If you're looking to automate and manage your NFT community effortlessly, Collab.Land is your go-to Discord bot. With over 43,000 active communities on Discord and Telegram and 8 million wallet connections, Collab.Land is renowned for being the creators of "Token Gating." They have been serving tokenized communities since Spring 2020, ensuring ease of use, breadth, and safety for all its users.

CollabLand NFT Discord Bot

Features of Collab.Land Discord Bot:

  • Token-Gated Access: Admins can easily configure rules for token-granted access on 23 different L1 and L2s using fungible tokens and NFTs, giving your community exclusive access based on token ownership.
  • Wide Wallet Compatibility: Collab.Land supports verification from 22 wallets and an additional 19 wallets available via WalletConnect, making it convenient for members to join.
  • Safety and Privacy: Members can connect with their existing wallets without signing a message for each community they join, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Users can reach out to Collab.Land's support team through email or by submitting a ticket for any questions or concerns.

The $COLLAB Token:

Collab.Land has its native token, the $COLLAB, which allows you to participate in the Collab.Land network. Admin teams use Collab.Land tokens to customize the bot's features and bring new services to their communities (starting with Discord and expanding). They also encourage users to join the DAO to help govern and guide the future of Collab.Land.

Token Distribution:
  • Patron NFT Holder: 3 $COLLAB tokens
  • Membership NFT Holder: 2 $COLLAB tokens
  • Collab.Land Verified Members: 1 $COLLAB token

The distribution of Collab.Land tokens is based on user participation in the network. It's the perfect time to claim your tokens and start using Collab.Land for your NFT community on Discord!

Click here to learn more about Collab.Land and claim your tokens now!

In summary, Collab.Land is an excellent choice for NFT communities looking for a reliable and efficient Discord bot to manage token-gated access and member verification. Its wide range of features, wallet compatibility, and dedicated support make it a must-have for any tokenized group.

2. CollabBot: Revolutionizing Server Collaborations on Discord

CollabBot is a groundbreaking Discord bot that automates server collaborations, saving server owners time and money while driving instant membership growth. With a wide range of features, CollabBot ensures a fair and reliable system for both server owners and collab managers.

collabbot NFT project collab manager discord bot

Key Features of CollabBot:

  • Automated Collab Management: CollabBot creates collab categories and channels automatically, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.
  • Built-in Giveaway Engine: Automate winner validation without the need for screenshot proofs and assign winners the Whitelisted role automatically.
  • No Duplicate Collabs: CollabBot prevents overlap and duplicate collaborations, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Customizable Rules: Set rules for server minimum member count, minimum online member count, recollab timing, and maximum collabs per day and per week.
  • Consistent Templates and Giveaways: Ensure uniformity across all collab posts by setting up templates and giveaways just once.
  • Unbeatable Collab Rates: All collabs are free with CollabBot!
  • Instant Collabs: Get immediate access to hundreds of servers for collaborations as soon as you set up CollabBot.

Click here to add CollabBot to your server and revolutionize your collaborations!

Easy Installation for your NFT Project Discord Server:

  1. Choose between the full version: Add Full Version to Server or the no permissions version: Add Worker Version to Server.
  2. If you install the no permissions version, give CollabBot access to the collab channels by assigning the appropriate role.
  3. Run /collab setup in a private admin channel on your server.
  4. Modify the new collab category and channel names as desired.
  5. Submit your collab template, add giveaways, and preview and approve your collab template and giveaways.
  6. Select 'Done' to exit the setup, and CollabBot will automate the entire collab system!

Add CollabBot to your server now and experience the future of Discord collaborations!

CollabBot is an essential addition to any NFT community on Discord that wants to streamline server collaborations and boost membership growth. Its range of features, easy installation, and customizability make it an excellent choice for all server owners and collab managers.

3. Alphabot: Streamline Your NFT Community with a Comprehensive Raffle System

Alphabot is a feature-rich, customizable raffle system designed to boost your NFT project's efficiency and security. With seamless integration across the web, Discord, and Twitter, Alphabot helps you build and engage your community like never before.

alphabot NFT project raffle tool for discord servers

Key Features of Alphabot:

  • NFT Holdings Verification: Alphabot verifies NFT holdings, ensuring only eligible participants can join your raffles.
  • Discord Server & Role Validation: Validate users based on their server membership and assigned roles.
  • Discord Bot Announcements & Daily Reminders: Keep your community engaged with regular announcements and reminders directly within Discord.
  • Twitter Integration: Enhance your community's reach with support for Twitter likes, retweets, and follows.
  • Secure Access & Mobile Compatibility: Alphabot offers secure access and a seamless mobile experience for your users.
  • Community-Sourced Launch Calendar: Stay up-to-date with a comprehensive, user-generated launch calendar.

Click here to start your Alphabot membership and elevate your NFT community!

Trusted by Top Alpha Communities:

Alphabot is a reliable and trusted choice for NFT communities, with impressive stats to back it up-

  • Over 9,000 Discord servers using Alphabot
  • More than 12 million whitelisted users
  • Serving 14,000+ Alpha teams

Developed by Ape List and trusted by leading NFT projects, Alphabot is the go-to raffle tool for alpha communities.

Get Started with Alphabot:

  1. Visit Alphabot's website and sign in with your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Note that Alphabot only requires you to sign a message for account ownership verification—no transactions or token approvals needed.
  3. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact @AlphabotApp on Twitter or reach out on Discord.

For NFT communities seeking a streamlined and efficient raffle system, Alphabot is a top choice. With its range of features, seamless integrations, and proven track record, Alphabot can help you build and engage your community more effectively than ever before.

4. Discortics: The All-in-One Discord Utility Bot for NFT Communities

Discortics is a powerful, all-in-one Discord utility bot designed to protect and entertain your community with efficiency, ease, and style. With over 200 available commands, Discortics offers a multitude of features and applications that cater to NFT communities.

Discordics NFT Discord Server Utility Bot

Key Features of Discortics:

  • Fast & Efficient: Enjoy lightning-fast performance with an average ping of 52ms.
  • Easy to Modify: Customize Discortics to meet your community's unique needs, whether it's aesthetic, gaming, or futuristic.
  • Completely Free: Discortics offers a wide range of features and services without any cost.
  • Better User Interface: Experience an intuitive and visually pleasing user interface.
  • Premium Features: Access premium features for an even more powerful and engaging experience.
  • Highly Compatible: Discortics is designed to work seamlessly with various platforms and devices.

Add Discortics to your server and re-imagine your NFT community!

Discortics Applications and Features:

  • Infinite Responses & Multiple Forms: Collect unlimited responses with customizable application forms.
  • Multi-Type Questions: Choose from multiple question types, including MCQs and long-form answers.
  • Approve & Reject Management: Manage responses, send replies, and assign roles with ease.
  • Role Rewards & Rank Cards: Reward server activity with server roles and customizable rank cards.
  • Messages Leaderboard & Configurative System: Track top users and channels with graphical statistics and customizable XP rates.
  • Economy & Games: Engage your community with custom games, server shops, and fun activities.
  • Giveaways: Host limitless, highly customizable giveaways with multiple requirements and inter-server hosting.
  • Moderation & Verification: Protect your community with auto-moderation, advanced verification, and clean logging.
  • High-Quality Music: Enjoy lossless, multi-platform music streaming with filters and 24/7 support.

Trusted by Several NFT Project Partners:

Discortics is trusted by a growing number of partners, including Kaztro Gaming Discord, DiscordGift.site, and The Lost Nemo Discord. By choosing Discortics, you're joining a network of successful and thriving communities.

Getting Started with Discortics:

  1. Visit the Discortics website and click "Add to Server."
  2. Customize your Discortics settings through the Discortics Dashboard.
  3. Invite the bot to your server and watch your community flourish.

With its vast array of features and applications, Discortics is the ideal all-in-one Discord utility bot for NFT communities. Start your journey with Discortics today and redefine your community's experience!

5. 2.5 Intelligence: The Premier Web3 Engagement Suite for NFT Communities

2.5 Intelligence is the ultimate web3 engagement suite, trusted by over 10,000 communities and reaching an audience of more than 20 million users. Offering powerful, intelligent, and accessible tools, 2.5 Intelligence is perfect for managing and engaging your NFT community.

2.5 Intelligence Web3 Discord Server Bot

Key Features of 2.5 Intelligence:

  • NFT Mint Bot: Receive instant alerts on all Ethereum mints.
  • NFT Wallet Tracker Bot: Get real-time notifications on wallet activities.
  • NFT Sales and Listings Bot: Stay updated with instant NFT sales and listings alerts across all marketplaces.
  • Twitter Sales Bot (Premium): Customize Twitter sales alerts for any NFT collection across all marketplaces.
  • NFT Whitelist Bot: Easily collect wallets for giveaways and whitelists.
  • Magic Eden Bot: Receive instant sales and listings alerts for collections on Magic Eden.
  • Paras Sales Bot: Get instant sales alerts for the Paras marketplace on NEAR.
  • NFT News Bot: Stay informed with breaking news from Lucky Trader delivered to your server.
  • ENS Sales Bot: Enjoy instant alerts for sales of any ENS club.
  • 2.5 Scores App: Look up scores for any address.

Get started with 2.5 Intelligence and elevate your NFT community!

Intelligence Enabled Bots and Reports:

2.5 Intelligence uses a combination of on-chain and off-chain data to help with user acquisition, engagement, and the success of your web3 project. Their Discord and Twitter bots are infused with optional intelligence data, allowing you to identify whales, smart money, and diamond hands within your community.

  • Intelligence Data: Access intelligence data for free within the bots.
  • Full Intelligence Reports (Brand Partnership): Gain direct access to complete intelligence data as a partner of 2.5 Intelligence, optimizing your marketing strategies with insights on community quality, whitelist, collabs, and more.

Premium Subscription and Brand Partnership:

Maximize your community engagement with custom branded bots and bespoke engagement solutions through 2.5 Intelligence's premium subscription or brand partnership options.

  1. Upgrade to the Premium Subscription
  2. Explore brand partnership opportunities

2.5 Intelligence is backed by renowned companies and angels from Coinbase, Stripe, AngelList, Cruise, Alameda Research, Crossmint, Riot Games, 100 Thieves, and Game7 DAO. By choosing 2.5 Intelligence, you're partnering with a platform that's built for success.

Integrate 2.5 Intelligence into your NFT community today and unlock the full potential of your web3 project!

6. Captcha.bot: Secure Your NFT Community with Advanced Account Verification and Anti-Phishing

Captcha.bot is the largest account verification and anti-phishing Discord bot, designed to protect your NFT community from raids and account hijacking links 24/7. With its powerful features, you can ensure the security and integrity of your server.

NFT Discord Server Spam and Raid Protection Bot

Key Features of Captcha.bot:

  • Anti-Phishing: Automatically monitors and deletes messages containing phishing links, preventing account theft.
  • Additional Actions: Configure the bot to apply extra actions on users, such as timeout, kick, or ban, for added security.
  • Phishing Logs: Set up a logs channel to receive updates on actions taken by Captcha.bot.
  • Button Panels: Easily implement professional and clean button panels for user verification within your server.
  • Image Panel Support: Use image panels for verification, though currently with some limitations.
  • Linked Roles: Captcha.bot has partnered with Discord to offer new Linked Roles.
  • Customizable Settings: Require users to pass a CAPTCHA, have a certain account age, and/or a custom avatar for added security.

Secure your NFT community with Captcha.bot now!

Captcha Bot Button Panel Setup:

  1. Change the verification location to "Button Panel."
  2. Customize the embed title, color, description, button emoji, and label.
  3. Save your changes.

Premium Subscription:

Upgrade to Captcha.bot Premium for only $4.99 per server and enjoy the following perks:

  • Up to 5 verified roles
  • Reduced advertising (up to 2 ads)
  • Image verification
  • Higher time limits
  • 30 days of server analytics history

Go Premium with Captcha.bot!

By integrating Captcha.bot into your NFT community, you can maintain a secure and trusted environment for your users. Safeguard your community from malicious activities and ensure the success of your web3 project with Captcha.bot.

7. gmBOT: Enhance Your NFT Community Engagement with gm Streaks

gmBOT is a unique and fun Discord bot designed to keep your NFT community engaged and connected by encouraging users to maintain their "gm" (good morning) streaks. By incorporating gmBOT into your server, you can foster a positive and supportive environment for your community members, helping them feel more connected to each other and your web3 project.

NFT GM tracking discord bot

Key Features of gmBOT:

  • gm Streaks: Keep your gm streak alive and always have someone say gm back.
  • gm Counter: Track the number of times you've said gm and contribute to the metaverse gm counter on gmBOT's homepage.
  • Simple Interaction: Just say "gm" in Discord, and gmBOT takes care of the rest.
  • !gm Command: Check your current gm streak and the total number of days you've gm'd.
  • !leaderboard Command: View the server's most active gm'ers and encourage friendly competition.

Bring gmBOT to your NFT community today!

How to Use gmBOT in Your NFT Community:

  1. Add gmBOT to your Discord server.
  2. Encourage your community members to say "gm" daily.
  3. Use the !gm command to check personal gm streaks and total gm counts.
  4. Utilize the !leaderboard command to showcase the server's most active gm'ers.

With gmBOT, you can create an engaging and lively atmosphere within your NFT community, encouraging members to interact and share positive vibes. By incorporating this bot into your server, you can promote a strong sense of camaraderie among your users, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of your web3 project.

Get started with gmBOT and build a thriving NFT community!


In conclusion, the integration of these top-notch Discord bots can significantly enhance the functionality and user experience within your NFT community. From facilitating seamless transactions and keeping members informed about the latest NFT news to providing an added layer of security and fostering engagement, these bots cater to the diverse needs of collectors, artists, and project developers.

By incorporating these bots into your server, you'll not only streamline operations but also foster a thriving and supportive community atmosphere that NFT enthusiasts will cherish. Explore the unique features each bot offers and select the ones that best align with your community's goals to elevate your NFT Discord server to new heights.

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