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4 No-Code NFT Airdrop Tools: Streamline Your NFT Distribution Process

4 No-Code NFT Airdrop Tools: Streamline Your NFT Distribution Process
Discover the best no-code NFT airdrop tools that make distributing NFTs seamless, secure, and cost-effective for your project.

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In the rapidly growing world of NFTs and digital collectibles, community engagement and rewards play a crucial role in a project's success. Airdropping NFTs to your community members is an effective way to promote your collection, incentivize participation, and build a loyal following.

To make this process seamless and accessible, numerous no-code NFT airdrop tools have emerged, catering to different blockchain networks and project requirements. In this guide, we'll dive into the top 4 no-code NFT airdrop tools - Masterdrop, BrewLabs, AirBro, and Dropsys - exploring their features, pricing, and how they can help you streamline your NFT distribution process.

Masterdrop: A No-Code NFT Airdrop Tool

Masterdrop is a powerful no-code NFT airdrop tool that allows you to create, mint, and airdrop unlimited NFTs to any wallet or community with just a few clicks. With no account needed, Masterdrop is an easy-to-use solution for launching NFT campaigns.


How Masterdrop Works

Masterdrop simplifies the NFT airdrop process with three easy steps:

1. Upload

Upload a file from your computer to turn it into an NFT. Masterdrop supports multiple formats like JPEG, PNG, and more, with all files being OpenSea compatible.

2. Select

Upload a selection of wallets or choose from existing collections on OpenSea. Masterdrop's smart contract lets you airdrop NFTs to any community.

3. Airdrop

Instantly airdrop NFTs to your selected wallets or monitor your campaign directly on a block explorer or on the OpenSea collection page.


Masterdrop offers tiered pricing based on the number of NFTs you want to create and airdrop:

  • 1000 NFTs Package - 25 Matic
  • 5000 NFTs Package - 120 Matic
  • 10K NFTs Package - 200 Matic

The minimum price for an airdrop is 5 Matic. Masterdrop creates and deploys a new smart contract for every airdrop. The price per NFT decreases as the number of NFTs increases:

  • Less than 1000 NFTs: 0.025 Matic per NFT
  • Less than 5000 NFTs: 0.024 Matic per NFT
  • Less than 10K NFTs: 0.02 Matic per NFT
  • More Than 10K NFTs: 0.018 Matic per NFT


Airdrop Unlimited NFTs

Create NFTs by uploading a file in formats like JPEG, PNG, and more. All files are OpenSea compatible.

Smart Contract Deployment

Automatically deploy your smart contract on the blockchain with one click. All NFTs are owned by your wallet.

Airdrop Targeting

Choose from a list of wallets to upload or use Masterdrop's filters to find your targeted community and start airdropping.

Monitor Your Campaign

Upload your collection to view on OpenSea and measure its success. Track the transaction on Polygon Scan.

Upcoming Features

NFT Generator

Generate NFTs from multiple layers and choose rarity. Airdrop NFTs based on traits.

Multi-Chain Support

While currently supporting Polygon, Masterdrop plans to add Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, and Solana.

NFT Drop Calendar

List and view upcoming NFT drops verified by the Masterdrop team. Whitelist holders or join new projects.

Learn More

Online courses and tutorials to help onboard new users to Web3 apps.

Masterdrop currently supports the Polygon blockchain for sending NFTs, offering affordability and scalability. You can choose to airdrop to wallet addresses from other blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom, with receivers able to view your NFTs on Polygon. Masterdrop also allows airdropping NFTs to other communities like BAYC, Veefriends, and WOW.

Every airdrop on Masterdrop is a separate smart contract, enabling you to upload your collection and view it on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible. Your receivers can also view your NFTs

BrewLabs: Simplistic No-Code Airdrop Tool for Multiple Blockchains

BrewLabs offers a fully automated, decentralized, and user-friendly airdrop tool for the cryptocurrency community. Developed to save both time and money, this no-code solution allows you to airdrop tokens in one single transaction instead of processing multiple individual transactions.

Blocklabs Airdrop Tool

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is the process of sending a bulk amount of tokens to a number of allocated wallets by the sender. For example, if you have 4,000 tokens to send to 4,000 wallets, with 1 token per wallet, you would typically need to process 4,000 transactions. However, BrewLabs streamlines this process with its airdrop tool, allowing you to send tokens to all 4,000 wallets in just one transaction.

BrewLabs Airdrops for Clients

As part of BrewLabs contract builds, clients have the opportunity to airdrop a portion of their project tokens to BrewLabs holders. This service is optional and at the client's discretion. If the client approves the airdrop, BrewLabs will airdrop an allocated portion (1%-2%) of the upcoming project supply to the top 1,500 holders of the BREWLABS token.


There is a small cost per wallet to use this airdrop tool, plus you will need to ensure you have enough gas fees for the blockchain you are using (e.g., BNB for BSC chain, ETH for Ethereum chain, MATIC for Polygon, etc.). Revenue from this tool goes directly into the BrewLabs Treasury contract, which is used to buy BrewLabs tokens off the market and lock them away. The address limit per airdrop is 200.


  • Per address commission: 0.00066 BNB
  • Max BNB ether + gas


  • Per address commission: 0.00089 ETH
  • Max 3 ETH


  • Per address commission: 0.25 MATIC
  • Max 3 MATIC

Please note that fees do not include gas costs from the smart contract.

Getting Started with BrewLabs Airdrop Tool

To begin using BrewLabs' airdrop tool, visit their website and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to set up and execute your airdrop campaign. The process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those with little to no experience in the crypto space.

BrewLabs' no-code airdrop tool is an efficient and cost-effective solution for airdropping tokens to a large number of wallets, making it an ideal choice for projects looking to streamline their token distribution and promotional efforts.

Dropsys: Streamlining NFT Airdrops with Powerful Distribution Tools

Dropsys offers an efficient and user-friendly platform for NFT airdrops, allowing projects to build and scale their NFT distribution with ease. With its robust set of tools, Dropsys simplifies the airdrop process and ensures a secure and seamless experience for users.

Key Features of Dropsys

Airdrop Flexibility

Dropsys supports both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, allowing you to airdrop any type of NFT.

Snapshot Generation

Easily create a snapshot of token holders based on the quantity held, ensuring fair and accurate distribution.

Simple Airdrop Process

No more messy airdrops. With Dropsys, simply click and airdrop your NFTs to the desired recipients.

No Limits

Send as many tokens as you want to as many wallets as you need, without any restrictions.

Security First

Dropsys prioritizes security, allowing you to maintain custody of your tokens while its secure smart contract airdrops directly to your recipients.

Airdrop Analytics

Keep track of your airdrops over time and know exactly which wallets received your NFTs with detailed analytics.

Pricing: Simple and Transparent

Dropsys offers straightforward, no-tricks pricing, making it easy for projects at any stage to grow and reward their community with airdrops.

What's Included

  • Reward your community with any ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFT
  • Keep track of your airdrops with detailed reports
  • Save time with the easy-to-use airdrop creation tool
  • Save money with the most gas-efficient airdrop smart contract

Network Pricing

  • Polygon: 0.0009 MATIC per recipient wallet
  • Ethereum: 0.00006 ETH per recipient wallet

Get Started with Dropsys

Dropsys combines powerful NFT distribution tools with world-class resources and legendary support, helping you streamline your NFT airdrop process. To get started, visit dropsys.com and explore the wide range of features designed to make your NFT airdrops efficient and effective. Focus on growing your community and rewarding your most loyal holders while Dropsys takes care of the rest.

AirBro: Revolutionizing Web3 Advertising with PFP and Tweet Campaigns

AirBro, a platform built on the Polygon blockchain, provides a seamless experience for Web3 projects and participants to create and join various advertising campaigns. With its unique approach to Profile Picture (PFP) and Tweet campaigns, AirBro enables projects to maximize their visibility and build strong communities around their brand.

Types of Campaigns Available on AirBro

AirBro offers two types of campaigns for Web3 projects:

PFP Campaign

Unlock the full potential of profile pictures as a powerful advertising tool with AirBro's PFP campaigns. Simply select your desired image or NFT, and let your community members spread the word by holding it as their Twitter profile pictures for the duration of your campaign.

Tweet Campaign

Amplify your message and reach a broader audience with AirBro's Tweet campaigns. Encourage your loyal community to spread the word about your project by tweeting custom messages, and easily track their engagement using UTM links.

Rewarding Campaign Participants

AirBro allows Web3 projects to reward their most loyal members with NFTs and ERC20 tokens, incentivizing participation and fostering a strong community around the project.

Transparent Campaign Proofs

At AirBro, transparency is paramount. To ensure confidence in campaign results, AirBro offers campaign proofs in the form of daily scanning results in a user-friendly CSV file.

PoSE: Proof of Social Engagement

PoSE NFTs serve as irrefutable evidence of a user's involvement in a campaign and are required to receive rewards from the campaign creator. PoSE NFTs can either be tied to an individual or purchased on a secondary market and may sometimes be mandatory for participating in campaigns.

Join the Bro'munity

AirBro welcomes everyone to create and join campaigns on its platform. Whether you're a Web3 project looking to promote your brand or a participant eager to support relevant projects and earn rewards, AirBro provides a seamless experience for all.

To get started, simply visit airbro.xyz and create a campaign or join an existing one. Connect with the AirBro Twitter community to stay updated on new opportunities and help each other achieve greater visibility. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize Web3 advertising with AirBro's innovative PFP and Tweet campaigns.

Wrapping it Up

As the NFT market continues to expand, having the right tools for distributing your digital assets to your community is essential. The top 4 no-code NFT airdrop tools - Masterdrop, BrewLabs, AirBro, and Dropsys - each offer unique features and pricing structures to cater to a variety of project needs. By choosing the right tool that aligns with your project's goals, you can effectively engage your community, reward loyal supporters, and build a strong foundation for your NFT collection's success. So, go ahead and explore these tools to determine the best fit for your NFT project, and embark on a seamless and rewarding airdrop journey.

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